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Glasgow School of Sport

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Client/CompanyGlasgow City Council
Production TypeEducation

About this production

The Glasgow School of Sport is Scotland's only school dedicated to the sporting excellence of young athletes.

We have followed the success of its young athletes since the school opened back in 1999. The design and planning behind this production works so well that our client has been able to update and add to their film over the past ten years, avoiding the expense of a total remake. Indeed, we have visited the school to film on a number of occasions since 1999 to add new material and keep everything current and up to date.

It's quite simply a project which grows over time and works as well as a promotional tool now as it did at the very start.

Having such a long-standing connection with the Glasgow School of Sport, we were delighted to see so many athletes taking their proud place at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.